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  3. LGM major inland waters of Europe - GIS dataset
    Resource: InlandWaters_CRC806-Database.pdf
  4. Late Neanderthals at Jarama VI (central Iberia)?
    Resource: Kehl et al_2013_Late Neanderthals at Jarama VI.pdf
  5. Looking around Peştera Cu Oase: The beginnings of Upper Paleolithic in Romania
    Resource: Anghelinu_etal_2012_Pestera_Cu_Oase_Upper_Paleolithic_ROmania.pdf
  6. The Early Neolithic pottery of Ifri Oudadane, NE Morocco. Qualitative and Quantitative evidences.
  7. LGM paleoenvironment of Europe - Map
    Resource: LGM_Europe_Map_v1.png
  8. Agency, time, and causality
  9. LGM paleoenvironment of Europe - Map
    Resource: LGM_paleoenvironment_Europe_Map_CRC806-Database.pdf
  10. Early and middle Holocene hunter-gatherer occupations in Western Amazonia: the hidden shell middens

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    The materials to the teaching unit „‚Migration in the past and today – Where are the differences in the migrations?’ with the focus on handling the question ‚Why did modern humans came to Europe?’” are developed in the frame of the dissertat...

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    The here documented GIS map and dataset contains a collection of Last Glacial Maximum (LGM, ~21k yBP) paleoenvironmental data. It is the first result of a project that aims to acquire, produce and publish GIS datasets from non-GIS based sources such as an...

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    The Epigravettian site of Blazi cave represents so far the only undisturbed and securly dated Epigravettian site in Albania. The new data fill a research gap for the time of the Late Upper Palaeolithic in the Eastern Adriatic. During the GAP (German-Alban...

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    This geospatial dataset, in raster and vector format, is a Kppen-Geiger climate classification of the MPI-ESM-P PreIndustrial r1i1p1 model simulations according to the PMIP III 21k experiment. The classifications were computed using the Python pyGRASS lib...

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    Introduction This paper discusses the interaction between foragers and farmers during the various phases of the neolithisation processes in south-western and north-western central europe. The disparate state of research on Late Mesolithic hunter-ga...

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    In recent years, new insights into the Mesolithic in the Rhineland and in Westphalia have been gained. The Early Mesolithic human remains of the Blätterhöhle in Hagen should especially be mentioned as they even attracted international attention. Add...

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    This Ph.D.-thesis focuses on the Levant as a potential main corridor of human dispersal from Africa to Europe during the Upper Pleistocene. For the related palaeoenvironmental research in the Eastern Mediterranean region, significant and reliable climate ...

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    At the beginning of agriculture in Central Europe during the Neolithic (at about 5,500 BC) first farmers started to utilise the fertile loess areas. However, archaeologists have shown that the location shifted between settlement areas and, therefore, also...

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    In the past several years there has been increasing interest in a short interval of abrupt climate change known to have occurred towards the end of the 7th millennium calBC, most often referred to as the 8.2 ka calBP event. Growing numbers of studies have...

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    Paleoenvironmental studies and corresponding data are abundantly published and available in scientific records. However, paleoenvironmental data sets are comparatively rarely provided in GIS data formats. Here, we present an Open Science approach for coll...