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Living at the lakeshore. Early Nubian Complex site associated with a lacustrine environment SFB806 doi

By analysing satellite images of the area around Sodmein Cave numerous well-preserved surface remnants (terraces) could be documented. Surveys on these old terraces, showing mainly a dark desert pavem...
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Multi-Scale Dimension of Relief in Geoarchaeology. A base for reconstructing Late Pleistocene environments in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

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Geomorphological Investigations of Desert Pavements and Wadi Terraces in the Eastern Desert of Egypt SFB806 doi Spatial

The mountainous Eastern Desert of Egypt is an extremely eroded environment where the conditions to encounter Pleistocene palaeoenvironmental geoarchives are very rare. Dominated by outcrops of Precamb...
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Geoarchaeological Research in the Egpytian Eastern Desert. Uniqie Cave Sediments of the Archaeological Site Sodmein Cave, Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironment in a Hyperarid Area SFB806 doi Spatial

Sodmein Cave can be interpreted as one of the rare living sites in the time frame between 120 ka and 7 ka before today in northeast Africa. Nowadays, a hyperarid climate is dominant in the area, but t...
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Climate Data 30-13 ka GIS Dataset SFB806 doi

This raster data is part of a geospatial dataset that contains climate data from 30 ka to 13 ka in 1000 year steps. The variables are PET (Potential Evapotranspiration) and WAB (Water balance) in mm/y...
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Multiproxy-Dataset for core 5053-4 (HSPDP-CHB-1A) SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal

Chew Bahir
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Paleocoastlines GIS dataset SFB806 doi Spatial

This GIS dataset contains 23 different modelled land masks of characteristic sea level high stand/ low stand for events and intervals during a period from 140 ka until today in Europe, the Nearer East...
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Tracing the Mediterranean climate influence over the central Balkans (southeast Europe) during the past 350 ka