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CRC806 E1 Magdalenian sites Database_V20160216 Temporal

This dataset is published at: Kretschmer, I. (2015). Demographische Untersuchungen zu Bevölkerungsdichten, Mobilität und Landnut-zungsmustern im späten Jungpaläolithikum. Kölner Studien zur Prä...
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Relating past occupation patterns to (paleo)environmental properties – hypothesis testing

Current archaeological discussions suggest that early human settlement distribution patterns, as preserved by the geological record, may be related to geospatial properties such as altitude, vicinity...
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Der borealzeitliche Fundplatz Auel „Auf dem Hähnchen“ in der Vulkaneifel: Silexrohstoffe, räumliche Analyse der Steinartefakte, Chaînes opératoires und Herstellungstechnik (Arbeitstitel) Temporal

Master thesis University of Cologne: Supervisor Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann, in preparation Masterarbeit Universität zu Köln bei Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann in Vorbereitung

Hydrogeological investigations of shallow groundwater aquifers in an arid, data-scarce coastal region (El Daba’a area, Northwestern Coast of Egypt) doi Temporal

Hydrogeological investigations in arid regions are particularly important to support sustainable development. The study area, El Daba’a in northwestern Egypt, faces scarce water resources as a resul...

Megabiome changes over the last 120kyr (HadCM3) SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal PaleoMaps

This geospatial dataset contains climate data from 120 ka to 0 ka in 1000 to 4000 year steps as raster data. The variable shows biomes representing nine different climate conditions modeled with the...
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Unterrichtsmaterialien zur Unterrichtseinheit ‚Migration früher und heute – Wo liegen die Unterschiede in den Migrationen?‘ mit dem Fokus auf der Bearbeitung der Frage ‚Warum kam der moderne Mensch nach Europa?‘ SFB806 doi

The materials to the teaching unit „‚Migration in the past and today – Where are the differences in the migrations?’ with the focus on handling the question ‚Why did modern humans came to Eu...
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Modelling causes of loess-paleosol formation in the Carpathian Basin

The effect of orbital forcing of climate in southeastern Europe can be demonstrated using climate models. Multiple linear regression models (here of the LR04 stack, obliquity and precession; Laskar et...

Loess distribution map for the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin: A new approach using different geoscientific maps and data

Geo- and paleo-ecological studies in the Carpathian Basin require a detailed knowledge of the distribution of aeolian sediments. Existing and often cited maps, such as Haase et al. (2007), are in not...