CRC806-Database Data Feed (RSS) Data feed of the CRC806-Database At the lakeshore – An Early Nubian Complex site linked with lacustrine sediments (Eastern Desert, Egypt) Open-air sites dating to the Pleistocene are very rare in the Eastern Desert of Egypt due to the often erosive hyper-arid landscape and its highly geomorphological dynamics. But information retrieved from such sites is also important for an enhanced understanding of the Middle Stone Age in Northeast Africa, though open-air sites present challenges of their own in comparison with cave sites. During an archaeological survey conducted by the universities of Cologne and Leuven, such a new open-air site associated with Pleistocene lacustrine deposits in close proximity to the Sodmein Cave was discovered. The recorded lithic artefacts, which eroded out of the sediments, can be attributed to the Middle Stone Age (MSA). Several Nubian type 2 cores assigned this assemblage most likely to the Early Nubian Complex. Together with the stone artefact material from the lowest layer J at the nearby Sodmein Cave, this new open-air site clearly establishes the presence of the Early Nubian Complex in the region east of the Nile. Although chronometric dating of the Pleistocene playa silts is in progress, the Early Nubian Complex can be correlated, according to the Northeast African chronological evidence, to the Last Interglacial. 2018-03-16T08:42:23+01:00; Data compilation of core Co1240 Figure of geochemical, sedimentological, pollen, diatom, and ostracod data of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/ Chad 2018-02-06T13:51:22+01:00; XRF scanning results core Co1240 Elemental composition in 2 mm resolution derived by XRF scanning of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,227 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.18 Parameters: age [cal yrs BP] depth [m] kcps total counts [counts] MSE maximum square error Al [counts] Si [counts] P [counts] S [counts] Cl [counts] Ar [counts] K [counts] Ca [counts] Ti [counts] V [counts] Mn [counts] Fe [counts] Mn/Fe [counts] Ni [counts] Cu [counts] Zn [counts] Br [counts] Rb [counts] Sr [counts] Sr/Ca [counts] Y [counts] Zr [counts] Mo [counts] Ba [counts] La [counts] Hg [counts] Cr inc incoherent scatter [counts] Cr coh incoherent scatter [counts] 2018-01-31T17:14:45+01:00;; Varve counting vs 14C of core Co1240 Varve counting results and 14C dates of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,848 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.25 depth [m] n no of counted slide x1 [counts] counts per slide of run 1 x2 [counts] counts per slide of run 2 x3 [counts] counts per slide of run 3 mean [counts] mean of 3 counting runs cumumlated mean [counts] aumulated mean age [cal yrs BP] mean varve age Min (a) [cal yrs BP] min SD Max (a) [cal yrs BP] max SD 14C (a) [cal yrs BP] radiocarbon age 14C_min [cal yrs BP] min radiocarbon age 14C_max [cal yrs BP] maxradiocarbon age bulk [cal yrs BP] bulk radiocarbon age bulk_min [cal yrs BP] min bulk radiocarbon age bulk_max [cal yrs BP] max bulk radiocarbon age Hum [cal yrs BP] humic acid radiocarbon age Hum_min [cal yrs BP] min humic acid radiocarbon age Hum_max [cal yrs BP] max humic acid radiocarbon age semaqu [cal yrs BP] semiaquatic radiocarbon age semaqu_min [cal yrs BP] min semiaquatic radiocarbon age semaqu_max [cal yrs BP] max semiaquatic radiocarbon age Carb [cal yrs BP] carbonate radiocarbon age Carb_min [cal yrs BP] min carbonate radiocarbon age Carb_max [cal yrs BP] max carbonate radiocarbon age SD [years] absolute standard deviation SD_kum (a) [%] relative standard deviation SD_kum [years] cumulated absolute standard deviation 2018-01-31T17:11:49+01:00;; Pollen data core Co1240 Pollen data of cores OUNIANGA 03/04 and Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. Parameter: age [years cal BP] according to age-depth model of cor OU03/04 age new [years cal BP] adjusted based on age-depth model of core Co1240 Quercus [%] Pinus [%] Phoenix [%] Chenopodium/Amaranthus type [%] Aerva/Cornulaca type [%] Artemisia [%] Brassicaceae undiff. [%] Acacia [%] Salvadoraceae [%] Capparidaceae [%] Blepharis-type [%] Boerhavia-type [%] Tribulus [%] Balanites [%] Hyphaene-type [%] Commiphora [%] Combretaceae [%] Phyllanthus & Flueggea type [%] Lannea-type [%] Piliostigma type [%] Syzygium-type [%] Celtis [%] Typha [%] Cyperaceae undiff. [%] Poaceae [%] Erica-type arborea [%] 2018-01-31T17:04:25+01:00;;