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  1. LGM major inland waters of Europe - GIS dataset
    Resource: InlandWaters_CRC806-Database.pdf
  2. 10156 downloads
  3. LGM sealevel change (HiRes)
    Resource: GEBCO 2014 Data
  4. No future? No past? Mesolithic heritage in Neolithic burials
    Resource: Gehlen_MesoBurials_Halle_2017.pdf
  5. 4473 downloads
  6. LGM paleoenvironment of Europe - Map
    Resource: LGM_paleoenvironment_Europe_Map_CRC806-Database.pdf
  7. 2353 downloads
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  9. 2102 downloads
  10. Looking around Peştera Cu Oase: The beginnings of Upper Paleolithic in Romania
    Resource: Anghelinu_etal_2012_Pestera_Cu_Oase_Upper_Paleolithic_ROmania.pdf

Most popular datasets

  1. Hits: 850

    The materials to the teaching unit „‚Migration in the past and today – Where are the differences in the migrations?’ with the focus on handling the question ‚Why did modern humans came to Europe?’” are developed in the frame of the dissertat...

  2. Hits: 766

    The here documented GIS map and dataset contains a collection of Last Glacial Maximum (LGM, ~21k yBP) paleoenvironmental data. It is the first result of a project that aims to acquire, produce and publish GIS datasets from non-GIS based sources such as an...

  3. Hits: 556

    Microlith types are of crucial significance for relative dating of Mesolithic assemblages as well as for assigning them to cultural traditions. This is especially important for assessing inventories from surface collections and old excavations. Here we pr...

  4. Hits: 305

    The Carpathian Basin is a key region for understanding modern human expansion into western Eurasia during the Late Pleistocene because of numerous early hominid fossil find spots. However, the corresponding archeological record remains less understood due...

  5. Hits: 297

    BIOME v4.2 Dataset processed as geodata in Shapefile format for the use with geospatial applications (GIS) Attribution/References: Harrison, S. P., and Prentice, I. C. (2003). Climate and CO2 controls on global vegetation distribution at the last gl...

  6. Hits: 289

    This GIS dataset contains 23 different computed land masks of characteristic sea level high stand/ low stand with respect to the relative sea level (RSL) for events and intervals during a period from 200 ka BP until today in Europe, the Nearer East and ...

  7. Hits: 267

    The development and application of an algorithm to compute Köppen-Geiger climate classifications from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) and Paleo Model Intercomparison Project (PMIP) climate model simulation data is described in this study...

  8. Hits: 264

    The Malalmuerzo cave (Moclín, Granada, Spain) has been known since the 1980s for its archaeological remains and rock art, dated tothe Neolithic and the Solutrean periods respectively. However, following thirty years of neglect, our team carried out a bri...

  9. Hits: 248

    This is GIS dataset contains the major inland waters (rivers and lakes) of Europe during the LGM. The data was collected from data published in scholarly works.

  10. Hits: 236

    This geospatial dataset, in raster and vector format, is a Köppen-Geiger climate classification of the MPI-ESM-P Last Glacial Maximum (21k yBP) r1i1p1 model simulations according to the PMIP III 21k experiment. The classifications were computed using the...