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Luminescence dating Project D1 Rhineland Spatial

Luminescence ages and additional information about palaeodose estimation and dosimetry. Optically stimulated luminescence dating was carried out on 20 quartz and feldspar samples using different measurement protocols (OSL, postIR IRSL @ 290 °C). Most quartz samples from the Remagen site suffer from a thermally unstable medium component, therefore quartz ages are unreliable. Further post IR IRSL dating is in progress.
Keywords: irsl luminescence osl
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Formation and Geochronology of Last Interglacial to Lower Weichselian loess/palaeosol sequences – case studies from the Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany. Spatial

Located in the Lower Rhine area two loess/palaeosol sections were investigated focusing on the last Interglacial to Lower Weichselian pedosedimentary sequence. The sections are situated in the brown coal opencast mining area of Inden and Garzweiler, and comprise archaeological find layers from the Middle Palaeolithic. Selected ratios derived from multi-element analysis are presented for the first time for the prominent loess accumulation area north of the Rhenish Shield. In addition luminescence ages were...
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