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Reconstructing fire regimes from geochemical proxies in Late Quaternary soils Spatial

Changes in ecosystems and land use frequently went along with regional burning events, but how fires accompanied human development, the onset of agriculture and changes in climate has eluded researchers. I hypothesised that information on past burning events may be reconstructed from the geochemical analyses of black carbon (BC), the residue of incomplete combustion. To test this hypothesis, it was the aim of my theses i) to elucidate the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of BC produced by...
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Towards reconstruction of past fire regimes from geochemical analysis of charcoal doi

Production of charcoal has accompanied human life from the beginning. We aimed at evaluating the degree to which the chemical signatures of charcoal may serve as a fingerprint for burning conditions. After a compilation of fire literature we differentiated three typical fire regimes [grass and forest ground (285 ± 143 °C), shrub (503 ± 211 °C) and domestic fires (797 ± 165 °C)] and three main factors impacting on charcoal formation: charring duration, temperature and fuel. For fingerprint calibration and...
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