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Palaeomagnetic data of discrete samples from La Janda Basin (SW Spain)

In autumn 2019, drill cores S2 and S3 were sampled for palaeomagnetic analyses. The measurements and analyses are still ongoing and will be published after completion.

Paleomagnetic and mineral magnetic data of the loess paleosol record Balta Alba Kurgan, Romania doi

The site Balta Alba Kurgan (BAK) in Romania was studied in the frame of a multi-method dating approach, including optical stimulated luminescence, radiocarbon dating, magnetic stratigraphy and tephrochronology. Here, we present the results of the magnetic stratigraphy approach. Oriented samples obtained from the sub-sections BAK2 and BAK4 were combined to the BAK pmag composite profile by the use of variations of the magnetic susceptibility. In order to obtain age control, variations of the magnetic...
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