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Dataset from an international textbook analysis on comparison competences

This dataset contains data from a textbook analysis on comparison tasks and competences which results were published in Simon et al. (2020), Simon & Budke (2020), Budke & Simon (2021), Simon & Budke (accepted, 2021). A list of variables and bibliographical references of textbooks are provided with the dataset. References: Budke, A., & Simon, M. (2021). Förderung von Argumentationskompetenzen durch Vergleiche? Analyse von Vergleichsaufgaben in deutschen, britischen und französischen...

Unterrichtsmaterialien zur Unterrichtseinheit ‚Migration früher und heute – Wo liegen die Unterschiede in den Migrationen?‘ mit dem Fokus auf der Bearbeitung der Frage ‚Warum kam der moderne Mensch nach Europa?‘ SFB806 doi

The materials to the teaching unit „‚Migration in the past and today – Where are the differences in the migrations?’ with the focus on handling the question ‚Why did modern humans came to Europe?’” are developed in the frame of the dissertation „Argumentation as a method to solve problems: A class study to the oral argumentation of pupils in cooperative settings in geography lessons” (Sabrina Dittrich). This dissertation was written in the Collaborative Research Center 806 – ‚Our Way to Europe’. The...
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