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Geodata of northern timberline in Europe during the last glacial maximum SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal

This geodataset includes the northern timberline in Europe during the last glacial maximum as published in Lehmkuhl et al. (in press). It is based on Grichuk, 1992, but was modified. A layer package file can be used to obtain the same visual appearance as published. See further details in the publication. References Grichuk, V.P., 1992. Main types of vegetation (ecosystems) for the maximum cooling of the last glaciation., in: In: Frenzel, B., Pecsi, B. Velichko, A.A. (Eds.): Atlas of Palaeoclimates and...
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Quaternary climate change and Heinrich events in the southern Balkans: Lake Prespa diatom palaeolimnology from the last interglacial to present doi Spatial

Lake Prespa, in the Balkans, contains an important palaeo-archive in a key location for understanding Quaternary climate variability in the transition between Mediterranean and central European climate zones. Previous palaeoenvironmental research on sediment cores indicates that the lake is highly sensitive to climate change and that diatoms are likely to be strong palaeohydrological proxies. Here, we present new results from diatom analysis of a ca. 91 ka sequence, core Co1215, which spans the time from...

Climate variability over the last 92 ka in SW Balkans from analysis of sediments from Lake Prespa Spatial

The transboundary Lake Prespa (Albania/former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia/Greece) has been recognized as a conservation priority wetland. The high biodiversity encountered in the catchment at present points to the refugial character of this mountainous region in the southwestern Balkans. A lake sediment core retrieved from a coring location in the northern part of the lake was investigated through sedimentological, geochemical, and palynological analyses. Based on tephrochronology, radiocarbon and...
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