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Nutrient status in prehistoric agricultural soils – indications from geochemical analyses of archaeological topsoil relicts Spatial

At the beginning of agriculture in Central Europe during the Neolithic (at about 5,500 BC) first farmers started to utilise the fertile loess areas. However, archaeologists have shown that the location shifted between settlement areas and, therefore, also between agricultural fields. Besides cultural and other environmental variables, it has been assumed that decreasing soil fertility was one key factor leading to human mobility. To test this hypothesis, the soil nutrient status and organic matter origin in...

Demographisch-kulturelle Zyklen im Neolithikum. Die Bandkeramik im Rheinland und die Pfyner Kultur am Bodensee Spatial

Diese Arbeit wurde im Rahmen des Teilprojekts D2 The Rise of the Cultural Landscape in Central Europe Mobility and Human-Environment Interaction since the Neolithic des Sonderforschungsbereichs 806 Our Way to Europe verfasst.
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