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Depth of core segments Co1240

Depth of core segments seleted to compile the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,900 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.18
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Diatom data of core Co1240

Diatom percentages of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,283 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.1 Parameters: Parameter(s): age [cal yrs BP] depth [m] Amphora coffeaeformis [%] Anomoeoneis sphaerophoro spp [%] Rhopalodia gibba/gibberula spp. [%] subsum [%] Nitzschia frustulum spp. [%] Nitzschia palea spp. [%] sum benthics [%] Craticula el-kab [%] Campylodiscus spp. [%] Chaetoceros sp. [%] sum benthic & saline [%] Aulacoseira granulata spp. [%] Urosolenia (1 stekel) [%] ...
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Composite profile core Co1240

Depth of core segments seleted to compile the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. Parameter(s): core segment Section depth composite depth Top (cm) Bottom (cm) Top (m) Bottom (m) Co1240-1 I 5,9 41,1 0,002 0,354 Co1240-2 II 15,9 91,9 0,356 1,116 Co1240-3 I 2,4 90,8 1,548 2,432 Co1240-3 II 3,5 98,1 2,486 3,432 Co1240-3 III 1,1 80,9 3,454 4,252 Co1240-4 I 50 91,6 4,254 4,67 Co1240-4 II 1,6 98,4 4,694 5,662 Co1240-4 III 1,7 34,9 5,692 6,024 Co1240-5 I 5 91,8 6,026 6,894 ...
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Color data of core Co1240

Color data derived from color spectrophotometer measurements of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. Parameters: age [cal yrs BP] composite depth [m] Color, *L  Gretagmacbeth SpectrolinoTM  spectrophotometer Color, *a  Gretagmacbeth SpectrolinoTM  spectrophotometer Color, *b  Gretagmacbeth SpectrolinoTM  spectrophotometer Color, X  Gretagmacbeth SpectrolinoTM  spectrophotometer Color, Y  Gretagmacbeth SpectrolinoTM  spectrophotometer Color, Z  Gretagmacbeth...
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CNS results of core Co1240

Biogeochemical results of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,150 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.165 Parameter(s): age [cal yrs BP] composite depth [m] CaCO3 (calc) [weight %] Carbonate content calculated from Total inorganic carbon content TOC [weight %] Total organic carbon DimaTOC 100 TN [weight %] Total notrogen EA Vario Micro cube TC [weight %] Total carbon EA Vario Micro cube TS [weight %] Total sulfur EA Vario Micro cube
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Analyzing two-dimensional effects in central loop transient electromagnetic sounding data using a semi-synthetic tipper approach doi

We present a simple and feasible approach to analyze and identify two dimensional (2D) effects in central loop transient electromagnetic (TEM) sounding data and the correspondingly derived quasi 2D conductivity models. The proposed strategy is particularly useful to minimize interpretation errors. It is based on the calculation of a semi-synthetic TEM-tipper at each sounding and for each observational transient time point. The semi-synthetic TEM-tipper is derived from the measured vertical component of the...
Keywords: GQT2

Luminescence dating results (unpublished data) project F2 and A3

Luminescence age estimates and additional information about equivalent dose estimation and dosimetry. Post infrared infrared stimulated luminescence dating applied to polymineral fine grains from lake sediments.
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Scales in Geoarchaeology beyond “a site”: The advance of a (Archaeo-)geomorphological perspective

The poster present an enlarged approach of scales for geoarchaeology-archaeogeomorphology, based on different sizes of relief forms, as (semi-) quantitative differentiation of various scales. With this classification, small-scale features related to “on-site” investigations can be integrated to the existing considerations of scale in geoarchaeology, but are expanded by characteristics of the landscape beyond the influence of a site. We apply this concept to the Eastern Desert of Egypt, as it is a key...
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PaleoMaps: GIS based Palaeoenvironmental data collection for the Last Interglacial (125ka) of Egypt SFB806 doi Spatial PaleoMaps

The growing number of paleoenvironmental data, GIS-based analyses and modelling allows us to produce PaleoMaps for a given area. However, the „translation“ of paleoenvironmental information in maps is even more complex, than producing maps as an illustration of the present. The CRC 806 “Our Way to Europe” provides the background to study the culture-environment interaction and human mobility in the Late Quaternary. Northeastern Africa during the Last Interglacial is thereby an important region and timespan....
Keywords: GQT2
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Out of Africa: Geoarchaeological research in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

It is generally agreed upon that modern man came from Africa to Eurasia sometime in the last 100,000 years; academics do not, however, always agree on the routes that were taken. This question is the focus of the Collaborative Research Centre 806 (CRC 806; “Our Way to Europe: Culture-Environment Interaction and Human Mobility in the Late Quaternary” based at the universities of Cologne, Bonn and Aachen. Within the framework of this large-scale project (funded by the...
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Hydrogeological investigations of shallow groundwater aquifers in an arid, data-scarce coastal region (El Daba’a area, Northwestern Coast of Egypt) doi

Hydrogeological investigations in arid regions are particularly important to support sustainable development. The study area, El Daba’a in northwestern Egypt, faces scarce water resources as a result of reported climate change that particularly affects the southern Mediterranean coast and increases stress on the local groundwater reserves. This change in climate affects the area in terms of drought, over-pumping and unregulated exploration ofgroundwater for irrigation purposes. The hydrogeological...

Late Pleistocene Rockshelter Stratigraphies and Palaeoenvironments in Northeastern Africa - Case Study Mochena Borago (Ethiopia)

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