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Potential raw material sources for the production of lithic artefacts in western Central Europe - GIS-data for the Rhineland, Westphalia, and the Benelux countries doi

Since July 2013, the project D4 of the Collaborative Research Centre 806 at the University of Cologne has dealt with the Mesolithic in western Germany. During the first phase of this research, the primary tasks were to establish a regional chronology for the Middle Stone Age on the one hand, and the mapping of all known sites in the Rhineland and Westphalia regarding the different Mesolithic phases on the other. Since July 2017, the project has focused on mobility, cultural exchange, and human-environment...
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Archaeological and Palaeontological site distribution in Africa: queries of the database ROAD ( SFB806 doi Spatial

Data were obtained from the ROCEEH Out of Africa Database (ROAD) (, and the work of the data contributors and ROAD community is gratefully acknowledged. The present file contains spatial information on archaeological and palaeontological site distribution in Africa from a period spanning 4.2 Million years.
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Iberomaurusian Sites in Morocco SFB806 doi

This is a dataset of Iberomaurusian sites in Morocco. In the first sheet, sites are listed with coordinates, site type, bibliographical references and a chronological overview. In the second sheet, the chronlogy for each individual assemblage (/layer) in each site is listed, along with a description and further references for the attribution. The references are included in a third sheet, and finally some notes on the chronocultural definitions in the fourth sheet. The Iberomaurusian is divided into the...
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CRC806 C1 Database Iberia Late Middle Palaeolithic to Magdalenian SFB806 doi Spatial

“CRC806_C1_Database_Iberia_Late_Middle_Palaeolithic_to_Magdalenian” CRC 806 “Our way to Europe” – Project C1 (Updated July 2021) The database contains 361 sites with a chronology from 57,000-12,000 yrs cal BP. They represent at least 588 occupation events.

Hydroclimate changes in eastern Africa over the past 200,000 years may have influenced early human dispersal SFB806 doi Spatial

Reconstructions of climatic and environmental conditions can contribute to current debates about the factors that influenced early human dispersal within and beyond Africa. Here we analyse a 200,000-year multi-proxy paleoclimate record from Chew Bahir, a tectonic lake basin in the southern Ethiopian rift. Our record reveals two modes of climate change, both associated temporally and regionally with a specific type of human behaviour. The first is a long-term trend towards greater aridity between 200,000 and...
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Potential raw material sources for the production of lithic artefacts in western Central Europe – GIS-data for the Rhineland, Westphalia, and the Benelux countries SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal

The GIS dataset contains 19 recent geological formation/ deposit shape files that keep lithic raw material used during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. The geological data was gained from published digital maps (Carte géologique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg 1998, GÜK200 2007, NRW: IS GK 100 DS 2009, Surface lithology (INSPIRE) 2016) whereas the data for 3 datasets on single outcrops, extraction sites and mining sites was collected during the D4 project phase (CRC 806). Further, out of the...
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Raw Material Procurement and Settlement Organization during the Early Upper Palaeolithic in the Timiş-Bega Catchment (Banat, Southwest Romania), supplement material and data SFB806 doi Spatial

This appendix contains further information on different topics of the CRC 806 Monograph: Raw Material Procurement and Settlement Organization during the Early Upper Palaeolithic in the Timiş-Bega Catchment (Banat, Southwest Romania) by Ine Leonard (2021).

CRC806_E1_AUR_Sites_Database_20210331 SFB806 doi Spatial

CRC 806 “Our Way to Europe” – Project E1 Population Dynamics: Demographic Changes of Hunter-Gatherer Populations during the Upper Pleistocene and Early Holocene in Europe Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr Andreas Zimmermann PostDoc: Dr Isabell Schmidt Database of georeferenced Aurignacian sites located across western and central Europe. Updated version (March 2021).
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Maps of interpolated paleotemperatures in Western Europe from MIS 14 to MIS 11 doi Spatial PaleoMaps

To support the ecological model of the study Rodríguez et al. (2020, in review), five BIOCLIM variables (BIO1, BIO6, BIO10, BIO11) were computed from the Oscillayers dataset, for 11 subdivisions of the Marine Isotope Stages MIS 14 to MIS 11, as defined in (Rodríguez et al 2020, in review). Oscillayers is a global‐scale and region‐specific BIOCLIM paleoclimatic datasets with high temporal resolution spanning the Plio‐Pleistocene, facilitating the study of climatic oscillations during the last 5.4 million...
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Granulometric and colorimetric data of the Crvenka-At Early Upper Paleolithic Site, Serbia SFB806 doi

These datasets contain the color and grain size data for trenches 3, 3A, and 5 of the At site described in Nett et al. (2021). Sampling depths and laboratory numbers are given. Grain size was measured with a Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer (Beckman Coulter LS 13 320) calculating the percentaged size frequency of 116 classes within a size range of 0.04–2000.00 µm (2% uncertainty). The measurement accuracy was increased by measuring each sample four times in two different concentrations. The grain...

Geodata of continuous and discontinuous permafrost during the last glacial maximum in Europe SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal

This geodata contains shapefiles of continous and discontinous permafrost during the last glacial maximum in Europe as published in Lehmkuhl et al. (accepted). The data is based on published maps (Andrieux et al., 2016; Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger and Kern, 2016; Vandenberghe et al., 2014). Further methodological information can be found in Lehmkuhl et al. (in press). A layer package file is included that can be used to obtain the same visual appearance as published. References Andrieux, E., Bertran, P.,...
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Geodata of paleochannels on dry continental shelves in Europe during the last glacial maximum SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal

To investigate potential source areas of loess during the last glacial maximum, dry continental shelfs and their paleochannels were mapped for Europe (Lehmkuhl et al., accepted). The shapefile of dry continental shelf after Willmes (2015) was modified, as it did not include areas covered by ice. The shapefile was expanded using the LGM glaciation (Ehlers et al., 2011). Additionally, it was aligned to fit the used country shapefile ( of the loess map. A layer package file can be used...
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