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Sedimentologische Untersuchungen an Bohrkernen der Laguna de Medina, Südspanien

Sedimentological investigations of drill cores of the Laguna de Medina, southern Spain
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Mikropaläontologische Untersuchung an den Sedimenten der Laguna Salada (Spanien)

Nowadays it is taken as demonstrated, that Modern Man developed in Africa and then spread throughout western Eurasia. But what induced the humans to leave their homeland and which routes they used to get to Eurasia is nowhere near to be sufficiently investigated. There is a good case to believe that the humans were forced to resettle by extraneous circumstances, such as drastic climatic changes. To answer the question of their motives and their migratory route in a satisfactory manner, "climatic archives"...
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Geodata of "Loess and other Quaternary sediments in Germany" SFB806 doi Spatial Temporal

Geo- and palaeoecological studies focusing on the late Pleistocene require a detailed knowledge of the spatial distribution of aeolian sediments. In Germany existing maps are either on large scales, have a regional focus or show significant inaccuracies such as artificial boundaries within different geological units. To obtain a more detailed, seamless map of the distribution of aeolian sediments and their potential source areas, we combined and reanalysed available geo-data, using a Geographical...
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Dead Sea pollen provides new insights into the paleoenvironment of the southern Levant during MIS 6-5 doi Spatial Temporal

The paleoclimate of the southern Levant, especially during the last interglacial (LIG), is still under debate. Reliable paleovegetation information for this period, as independent evidence to the paleoenvironment, was still missing. In this study, we present a high-resolution pollen record encompassing 147-89 ka from the Dead Sea deep drilling core 5017-1A. The sediment profile is marked by alternations of laminated marl deposits and thick massive halite, indicating lake-level fluctuations. The pollen...
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Data compilation of core Co1240

Figure of geochemical, sedimentological, pollen, diatom, and ostracod data of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/ Chad

XRF scanning results core Co1240

Elemental composition in 2 mm resolution derived by XRF scanning of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,227 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.18 Parameters: age [cal yrs BP] depth [m] kcps total counts [counts] MSE maximum square error Al [counts] Si [counts] P [counts] S [counts] Cl [counts] Ar [counts] K [counts] Ca [counts] Ti [counts] V [counts] Mn [counts] Fe [counts] Mn/Fe [counts] Ni [counts] Cu [counts] Zn [counts] Br [counts] Rb ...
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Varve counting vs 14C of core Co1240

Varve counting results and 14C dates of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,848 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.25 depth [m] n no of counted slide x1 [counts] counts per slide of run 1 x2 [counts] counts per slide of run 2 x3 [counts] counts per slide of run 3 mean [counts] mean of 3 counting runs cumumlated mean [counts] aumulated mean age [cal yrs BP] mean varve age Min (a) [cal yrs BP] min SD Max (a) [cal yrs BP] max SD 14C (a) [cal yrs BP] ...
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Pollen data core Co1240

Pollen data of cores OUNIANGA 03/04 and Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. Parameter: age [years cal BP] according to age-depth model of cor OU03/04 age new [years cal BP] adjusted based on age-depth model of core Co1240 Quercus [%] Pinus [%] Phoenix [%] Chenopodium/Amaranthus type [%] Aerva/Cornulaca type [%] Artemisia [%] Brassicaceae undiff. [%] Acacia [%] Salvadoraceae [%] Capparidaceae [%] Blepharis-type [%] Boerhavia-type [%] Tribulus [%] Balanites [%] ...
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Magnetic susceptibility of core Co1240

Magnetic susceptibility data of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad derived by MSCL scanning. age 0-10,227 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.18 Parameters: age [cal yrs BP] composite depth [m] MS [K] Geotek MSCl with Bartington MS2/MS2E MS/dry [rt] magnetic susceptibility normalized by dry mass MS/dry.CaCO3 [rt] magnetic susceptibility normalized by carbonate content X [m3/kg] mass magnetic susceptibility
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Grain-size data of core Co1240

Grain-size fractions of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,254 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.185 Parameters: age [cal yrs BP] depth [m] sand [Vol%] >63 µm Micromeritics DigiSizer 5200 mud [Vol%] <63 µm Micromeritics DigiSizer 5200 medium sand [Vol%] 250-500 µm Micromeritics DigiSizer 5200 fine sand [Vol%] 125-250 µm Micromeritics DigiSizer 5200 v fine sand [Vol%] 63-125 µm Micromeritics DigiSizer 5200 v coarse silt [Vol%] 32-63 µm Micromeritics DigiSizer...
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Depth of core segments Co1240

Depth of core segments seleted to compile the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,900 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.18
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Diatom data of core Co1240

Diatom percentages of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad. age 0-10,283 cal. yr BP depth [m] 0-16.1 Parameters: Parameter(s): age [cal yrs BP] depth [m] Amphora coffeaeformis [%] Anomoeoneis sphaerophoro spp [%] Rhopalodia gibba/gibberula spp. [%] subsum [%] Nitzschia frustulum spp. [%] Nitzschia palea spp. [%] sum benthics [%] Craticula el-kab [%] Campylodiscus spp. [%] Chaetoceros sp. [%] sum benthic & saline [%] Aulacoseira granulata spp. [%] Urosolenia (1 stekel) [%] ...
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