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Radiocarbon-dated megafauna from the Interpleniglacial in the western Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany – The finds from the loess deposits in the Coenen brick quarry (District of Düren) doi

Sites with informative megafaunal assemblages are rarely documented in the Lower Rhine Embayment. In the 1960’s many remains of large mammals were collected during sporadic salvage operations in the Coenen brick quarry in Körrenzig (District of Düren, Rhineland). AMS-14C dates place the find horizon into the Interpleniglacial (MIS 3). In the terrestrial records of the rhenish loess sections, deposits of this period are only preserved under very favourable conditions, particularly in the...
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Die aelteste Besiedlung der Westfälischen Bucht am Ende der Weichseleiszeit

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