A QGIS plugin to interface openModeller


This is a plugin for QGIS to interface the openModeller software package. OpenModeller is a software framework for species’ potential distribution modelling. The package includes (among other program files) the om_console.exe executable which is used for the modelling process. The program file is controlled by a configuration file and needs several files as input data. The configuration file contains the paths to the input data, configuration parameters for the output data and the selected modelling algorithm (GARP, Bioclim, Maxent, etc.). Further input data is the occurrence file which contains the occurrence data for a species with a label and geographic coordinates in longitude/latitude notation. The last part is the environmental data that contains environmental variables such as climate or topographic data.
The plugin enables the user to select point and raster layers and a modelling algorithm in QGIS which are then converted (in case of the occurrence data) and copied to a new folder structure and written into the configuration file accordingly, depending on the selection and assignment. Subsequently, the generated files and project folder can be directly used by the om_console executable.


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Becker, D., Willmes, C. (2015): A QGIS plugin to interface openModeller. CRC806-Database, University of Cologne, DOI: 10.5880/SFB806.16

Authors Becker, Daniel and Willmes, Christian
Type dataset
Title A QGIS plugin to interface openModeller
DOI 10.5880/SFB806.16
Year 2015
Publisher CRC806-Database
Organization University of Cologne
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