An introduction to and overview of the CRC806-Database


For the CRC 806 IRTG colloquium (a platform for the PhD candidates of the CRC 806 project) this presentation was given to explain the purpose, functionality and features of the CRC806-Database.
The presentation starts with explaining the CRC806-Database purpose to facilitate an online RDM infrastructure for the CRC806. After an overview of the development history of the CRC806-Database, basic concepts of RDM as well as similar RDM projects are discussed. This is followed by an in detail explanations of the features and functionalities of the presented RDM system.
Another project conducted by Z2, not directly part of the RDM infrastructure, but heavily facilitated and supported by it, is the PaleoMaps project, which is introduced in this presentation as well.
Presenting the future concept of the CRC806-Database, a preview of the currently in development future version of the CRC806-Database web application is introduced.
And finally, a practical example of creating a new dataset and uploading data into the CRC806-Database is presented.


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Willmes, C. (2018): An introduction to and overview of the CRC806-Database. CRC806-Databse

Authors Willmes, Christian
Type presentation
Title An introduction to and overview of the CRC806-Database
Year 2018
Publisher CRC806-Databse
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