C1_14C_AMS_Database_Iberian Peninsula_MPAL_EUP_GRA_SOL


Database containing radiocarbon AMS dates for Palaeolithic sites of the Iberian Peninsula. 2012. SOL = Solutrean& GRA = Gravettian& EUP = early Upper Palaeolithic& LMP = late Middle Palaeolithic. The data were calibrated using the CalPal-2007-Hulu calibration data-set (Weninger and Jöris, 2007). The table has been published in Schmidt et al. 2012. Rapid climate change and variability of settlement patterns in Iberia during the Late Pleistocene. Quaternary International 274, 179-204.


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Spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-9.78,43.96],[3.72,35.9],[3.72,35.9],[-9.78,35.9]]]}
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