Comparison as a Method for Geography Education


Comparison is an everyday process of thinking, which is also frequently used in geography lessons. However, in geography pedagogy, the term ‘comparison’ remains vague and insufficiently defined. In this paper, we will propose a clear definition of what comparison is and introduce it as a systematic method for secondary school geography education. This definition and method is the result of our theoretical–conceptual approach, according to which we have analyzed the current academic discussion about scientific comparison and converted it into a method for teaching. We argue that applying comparison as a pedagogical tool may improve students’ skills to argue, reflect, solve problems, and promote good judgement.


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Wilcke, H., Budke, A. (2019): Comparison as a Method for Geography Education. – In: Education Sciences, Vol. 9(3), p: 225, DOI:

Authors Wilcke, Holger and Budke, Alexandra
Type article
Title Comparison as a Method for Geography Education
Journal Education Sciences
Year 2019
Volume 9
Number 3
Pages 225
Month 08
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