Dates for Neanderthal art and symbolic behaviour are reliable


and Bonneau1 published in Nature Ecology &
Evolution comments on recently published
uranium-series age constraints for Cueva
de los Aviones2, and for Palaeolithic cave
paintings in three Spanish cave sites3. The
authors query the reliability of the results
in their discussion of stratigraphy between
dated material and archaeological layers
in Cueva de los Aviones; how dated crusts
form on top of cave paintings; and our use
of minimum ages to constrain the art. Here
we comment on these issues and provide


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Hoffmann, D., Standish, C., Pike, A., García-Diez, M., Pettitt, P., Angelucci, D., Villaverde, V., Zapata, J., Milton, J., Alcolea-González, J., Cantalejo-Duarte, P., Collado, H., Balbín, R., Lorblanchet, M., Ramos-Muñoz, J., Weniger, G., Zilhão, J. (2018): Dates for Neanderthal art and symbolic behaviour are reliable. – In: Nature Ecology & Evolution, Vol. 2, p: 1044-1045

Authors Hoffmann, D.L. and Standish, C.D. and Pike, A.W.G. and García-Diez, M. and Pettitt, P.B. and Angelucci, D.E. and Villaverde, Valentín and Zapata, Josefina and Milton, J.A. and Alcolea-González, J. and Cantalejo-Duarte, P. and Collado, Hipolito and Balbín, R. de and Lorblanchet, M. and Ramos-Muñoz, J. and Weniger, Gerd-Christian and Zilhão, J.
Type article
Title Dates for Neanderthal art and symbolic behaviour are reliable
Journal Nature Ecology & Evolution
Year 2018
Volume 2
Pages 1044-1045
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