GIS-based catchment analysis for prehistoric sites (Poster)


One of the main objectives of the Collaborative Research Centre 806 (CRC 806) is to capture the complex nature of chronology, regional structure, climatic, environmental and socio-cultural contexts in Europe during the last 190.000 years, by interdisciplinary research.
This poster presents the first results of a collaboration between projects C1 and Z2 of the CRC 806 that aims to use SCA for sites from the Solutrean and Magdalenian on the Iberian Peninsula.
Contribution to the overall research of the CRC 806 are the improvements on SCA methodology and the application of SCA to other geographical and chronological contexts within the project.


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Becker, D., Andres-Herrero, M. D., Willmes, C., Bareth, G., Weniger, G. (2014): GIS-based catchment analysis for prehistoric sites (Poster).

Authors Daniel Becker and M. de Andres-Herrero and C. Willmes and G. Bareth and G.-C. Weniger
Type poster
Title GIS-based catchment analysis for prehistoric sites (Poster)
Year 2014
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Spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-10.8,44.26],[4.394,35.51],[4.394,35.51],[-10.8,35.51]]]}
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