Iberomaurusian Sites in Morocco


This is a dataset of Iberomaurusian sites in Morocco. In the first sheet, sites are listed with coordinates, site type, bibliographical references and a chronological overview. In the second sheet, the chronlogy for each individual assemblage (/layer) in each site is listed, along with a description and further references for the attribution. The references are included in a third sheet, and finally some notes on the chronocultural definitions in the fourth sheet.

The Iberomaurusian is divided into the Early and Late Iberomaurusian following Weniger et al 2019/Potì 2017. As the distinction between Iberomaurusian and Epipalaeolithic is not clear without radiometric dates, a large number of assemblages could be of either Iberomaurusian (Pleistocene) or Epipalaeolithic (Holocene) age. In few cases, the sites could even date to the Neolithic; this is described in individual entries.


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Otto, T. (2021): Iberomaurusian Sites in Morocco. CRC806-Database, University of Cologne, CRC 806, Project C1, Institute of Prehistory, DOI: 10.5880/SFB806.68

Authors Otto, Taylor
Type dataset
Title Iberomaurusian Sites in Morocco
DOI 10.5880/SFB806.68
Year 2021
Publisher CRC806-Database
Organization CRC 806, Project C1, Institute of Prehistory
School University of Cologne
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