LGM sealevel change (HiRes)


Based on the GEBCO 2014 dataset [1], the area between the 0m coastline of today and the -120m coastline of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), is derived and provided in this dataset.

To achieve a more realistic and higher resoluting coastline, for producing larger scale maps, the gebco dataset was interpolated from the 30 arc seconds original resolution, to a 0,001 degree resoluting raster.



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Willmes, C. (2015): LGM sealevel change (HiRes). CRC806-Database, Collaborative Reserach Centre 806

Authors Christian Willmes
Type dataset
Title LGM sealevel change (HiRes)
Year 2015
Publisher CRC806-Database
Organization Collaborative Reserach Centre 806
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Spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-28.4,65.79],[61.59,1.037],[61.59,1.037],[-28.4,1.037]]]}
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