Magnetic susceptibility of core Co1240


Magnetic susceptibility data of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad derived by MSCL scanning.

age 0-10,227 cal. yr BP
depth [m] 0-16.18

age [cal yrs BP]
composite depth [m]
MS [K] Geotek MSCl with Bartington MS2/MS2E
MS/dry [rt] magnetic susceptibility normalized by dry mass
MS/dry.CaCO3 [rt] magnetic susceptibility normalized by carbonate content
X [m3/kg] mass magnetic susceptibility


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Karls, J., Weber, M. (2017): Magnetic susceptibility of core Co1240.

Authors Karls, Jens and Weber, Michael
Type dataset
Title Magnetic susceptibility of core Co1240
Year 2017
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