CRC806-Database: Integrating Typo3 with GeoNode and CKAN


This Poster contribution for the 2nd Research Data Management Workshop, held on November 27th and 28th at the University of Cologne, describes the advancements of the new CRC806-Databse frontend. It was decided to update the system with some major changes to the overall architecture, by preserving the current API functionality and the URLs of the datasets in the database. This paper describes the system architecture of the upcoming version of the CRC806-Database. The SDI part of the system is migrated from the current MapServer, GeoServer, MapProxy and pyCSW based implementation to a GeoNode based system. Additionally the Typo3 based frontend of the web portal is changed to use mostly server side Extbase & Fluid based content handling and rendering, instead of the current AgularJS based frontend. Due to stability and consistency difficulties of client side rendering we decided to build a more robust system and move to server side rendering.


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Willmes, C., Yener, Y., Gilgenberg, A. (2015): CRC806-Database: Integrating Typo3 with GeoNode and CKAN. CRC806-Database, University of Cologne, Institute of Geography, 2nd Data Management Workshop, Cologne, DOI: 10.5880/SFB806.9

Authors Christian Willmes and Yasa Yener and Anton Gilgenberg
Type poster
Title CRC806-Database: Integrating Typo3 with GeoNode and CKAN
DOI 10.5880/SFB806.9
Year 2015
Publisher CRC806-Database
Address 2nd Data Management Workshop, Cologne
Organization Institute of Geography
School University of Cologne
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