Varve counting vs 14C of core Co1240


Varve counting results and 14C dates of the core composite of core Co1240 from Lake Yoa/Chad.

age 0-10,848 cal. yr BP
depth [m] 0-16.25

depth [m]
n no of counted slide
x1 [counts] counts per slide of run 1
x2 [counts] counts per slide of run 2
x3 [counts] counts per slide of run 3
mean [counts] mean of 3 counting runs
cumumlated mean [counts] aumulated mean
age [cal yrs BP] mean varve age
Min (a) [cal yrs BP] min SD
Max (a) [cal yrs BP] max SD
14C (a) [cal yrs BP] radiocarbon age
14C_min [cal yrs BP] min radiocarbon age
14C_max [cal yrs BP] maxradiocarbon age
bulk [cal yrs BP] bulk radiocarbon age
bulk_min [cal yrs BP] min bulk radiocarbon age
bulk_max [cal yrs BP] max bulk radiocarbon age
Hum [cal yrs BP] humic acid radiocarbon age
Hum_min [cal yrs BP] min humic acid radiocarbon age
Hum_max [cal yrs BP] max humic acid radiocarbon age
semaqu [cal yrs BP] semiaquatic radiocarbon age
semaqu_min [cal yrs BP] min semiaquatic radiocarbon age
semaqu_max [cal yrs BP] max semiaquatic radiocarbon age
Carb [cal yrs BP] carbonate radiocarbon age
Carb_min [cal yrs BP] min carbonate radiocarbon age
Carb_max [cal yrs BP] max carbonate radiocarbon age
SD [years] absolute standard deviation
SD_kum (a) [%] relative standard deviation
SD_kum [years] cumulated absolute standard deviation


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Karls, J., Kuper, J. (2017): Varve counting vs 14C of core Co1240.

Authors Karls, Jens and Kuper, Jan
Type dataset
Title Varve counting vs 14C of core Co1240
Year 2017
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