Paleocoastline 5 m above mean sea level

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This GIS dataset contains a modelled land mask for + 5m sea level high stand during eemian period based on global geoarchives. The sea level data was collected from data published in scholarly works (Cuffey2000) and GIS proceeded with QGIS and ArcMap. Concerning the work flow GEBCO 2014 was used as raster data.

Workflow: First of all the bounding box for GEBCO 2014 (30arc) raster data was set to 21.0_1.0_57.0_62.0 (CRC806 area) and interpolated using factor 0,1. Afterwards raster data was reclassified in order to get the specific elevation level that was mentioned in literature. The next steps were the vectorization of data and extraction of land mask followed by modification of attributes in adding sea level information to the dataset.

Type: Vector Data

Category: Elevation

Keywords: Sealevel Paleoenvironment Coastline Hydrology Bathymetry Stadial

Publication date: 2016-05-02


The legend of coastline_5m