29 ka, Potential Evapotranspiration (PET)

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This raster data is part of a geospatial dataset that contains climate data from 30 ka to 13 ka in 1000 year steps. The variable is PET (Potential Evapotranspiration) in mm/year. The source data was imported from the original Excel table to a shapefile with QGIS' "Create a Layer from a Delimited Text File" tool. The vector point data has been converted to GeoTIFF with GDAL'sgdal_rasterize tool. The dataset has a resolution of 216x141 cells, with a cell size of 0.375° Width and 0.25° Height.M. Tallavaaraa, M. Luotob, N. Korhonenc, H. Järvinend,H. Seppä, 2015. Datasource: Human population dynamics in Europe over the Last Glacial Maximum, PNAS, 112 (27). 8232-8237. 10.1073/pnas.1503784112.

Type: Raster Data

Category: Climatology Meteorology Atmosphere

Keywords: paleoclimate 29k

Publication date: 2016-05-11


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