Early Neolithic sites in Central Europe

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Distribution of early Neolithic Bandkeramik sites (from 7500-6950 calBC) in Central Europe. Location of sites is derived by digitizing published maps (resources see below). The distribution map is used to estimate population densities within the Rhine-LUCIFS-Project (funded by the German Research Foundation), which is part of the PAGES framework.

J. Preuss (ed.), Das Neolithikum in Mitteleuropa: Kulturen, Wirtschaft, Umwelt vom 6. bis 3. Jahrtausend v.u.Z., Übersichten zum Stand der Forschung, Karte 1: Verbreitung neolithischer Kulturen in Mitteleuropa (Weissbach 1998).

Type: Vector Data

Category: Geoscientific Information

Publication date: 2019-06-17


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