Paleoenvironmental GIS data collection

In this project, we aim to collect and produce GIS-based data sets representing certain paleoenvironments defined by its spatial as well as its temporal extend. This project was developed and started, because the CRC 806 project demanded more GIS-based paleoenvironmental data, than already available from several sources, for conducting its studies and projects.

The project is based on a collaborative knowledge base to collect and gather data sources representing paleoenvironmental information. These data sources are given in many different formats and representations. Most commonly, we have scholarly articles verbally describing paleoenvironmental conditions in certain spatial and temporal contexts. Then we have maps, published in scholarly articles, books, electronically as web maps or as traditional printed maps. Furthermore, much of paleoenvironmental data is given in structured non-spatial formats, like spreadsheets or relational data bases, that hold for example analyses of drilling cores, sediments or datings of artifacts. But for conducting GIS based analysis and producing detailed maps of paleoenvironments, we need GIS based paleoenvironmental information, and this kind of paleoenvironmental data is comparatively rarely published in the scientific record.



Fig. 1: Four types of data sources.

Suggest data

If you have ideas for new datasets, that could be produced within the PaleoMaps project, you can use this form to suggest these to us including according literature and links to evetually already exisitng data.

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Related Publications:

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