Call for Papers: Special Issue on 'Research Data Management'


Following up the recent 2nd Workshop on Data Management organized by members of the CRC806-Database and the TR32DB, we are pleased to announce a Special Issue on „Research Data Management“ in the International Journal of Geo-Information.

The official Call for Papers is now online and can be found from the Journals website:

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Digital information and data have experienced rapid growth in many disciplines over the last decade as a consequence of the fourth digital information revolution. New technologies have facilitated the automatic and digital creation of more data. Thus, research data management (RDM), as well as digital curation and preservation, have become more important. As a result, a variety of infrastructures supporting RDM (e.g., data repositories, archives or project databases) have emerged in recent years. These infrastructures handle research data within the context of project-based, national, international or institutional approaches (e.g., at universities). In the context of spatial data handling, several spatial data infrastructures (SDI) have been established. Funding organizations, like the German Research Foundation or the National Science Foundation, are aware of the importance of RDM. Likewise, several initiatives, such as the global Research Data Alliance or the German Priority Initiative, “Digital Information,” emphasize the importance of RDM for the conduct of science. Thus, they request the preparation of data management plans and support the set-up of RDM infrastructures.

This Special Issues shall explore new trends and developments in the management of data (e.g., research data, spatial data created in a specific or interdisciplinary context, etc.). All kinds of data intensive sciences (e-Science) will be considered, as well as aspects of data handling and processing that concern the conduct of research. We invite original research contributions covering a broad variety of aspects related to data management in different research fields and organizations. We encourage papers across disciplines that focus on the themes of this Special Issue. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Management of data resulting from various disciplines

  • Case studies of institutional, national or international infrastructures supporting RDM (e.g., data repositories, project databases, data archives, data platforms)

  • Data life cycle management

  • Data publishing (e.g., forms, metrics)

  • Data curation and preservation

  • Metadata and Metadata Schemas for RDM

  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and spatial data handling

  • Data management services

  • Data processing and visualization

  • Linked Sciences, linked data, semantic interoperability

  • Data models and vocabularies

  • Semantic e-Science

  • Approaches in training for RDM

In addition, selected and extended papers, originally presented at the 2nd Data Management Workshop ( at the University of Cologne (Germany), will be included in this Special Issue.

Dr. Constanze Curdt
Dipl.-Geogr. Christian Willmes 
Prof. Dr. Georg Bareth

Guest Editors


  • management of data resulting from various disciplines

  • case studies of institutional, national or international infrastructures supporting RDM (e.g., data repositories, project databases, data archives, and data platforms)

  • data life cycle management

  • data publishing (e.g., forms, metrics, etc.)

  • data curation and preservation

  • metadata and metadata schemas for RDM

  • spatial data infrastructures (SDI) and spatial data handling

  • data management services

  • data processing and visualization

  • linked sciences, linked data, semantic interoperability

  • data models and vocabularies

  • semantic e-science

  • approaches in training for RDM

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