Improved organization of research datasets and publication records


New functionality and interfaces are implemented to define in which categories resources (datasets and publications) are listed on the CRC806-Database and the main website of the CRC 806.

As you may already noticed, since some time it is possible to list publications, managed through the CRC806-Database, on the CRC 806 main website (see the announcement from 4/2014). Recently, we added the possibility to list project data on the according project sites of the main website. See for example the Publications and the Project Data list of the Z2 project on the main website.

Until now, on the CRC806-Database website all resources including publications, were listed under Data and only resources annotated with bibliographic information were additionally listed under Publications. It appeared, that this organization was not optimal for different reasons. Thus, we decided to add this additional level of organization to the data model as well as to the user interfaces of the CRC806-Database data catalog and the publications repository, as well as to the according listings on the main CRC 806 website to better distinguish between publication records and research datasets.

Now, the dataset maintainer can opt if the resource will be listed under data and/or in publications. On default the resource is listed only under data. If the maintainer provides bibliographic information for a resource, it can also be listed under publications. The maintainer is then able to choose, if the resource should no longer be listed under data, or if it should be listed in both lists.

Please check on the CRC806-Database and on the main CRC806 website, if your Publications and Datasets are listed in the categories you want them to be listed.

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