New data statistics interface


Some of the most interesting metrics and statistics of the CRC806-Database are now available to visitors of the web site through a dedicated statistics page.

Additionally to the website statistics facilitated through the PIWIK system, that is in operation and open accessible since the launch of the current version of the CRC806-Database, we now offer a dedicated interface to some data specific statistics. The statistics can be found on the CRC806-Database website under About -> Statistics.

The data statistics measure for now, the ratio of dataset types, amount of incoming new data per time, data by cluster and the most popular resources and datasets. The display of the time dependent statistics can be filtered by a time intervall, that is with a start and an end date through the calendar date picker on top of the page.

The statistics page will be developed further in the future with additional interesting data statistics. If you have suggestions for further statistics, that may interest you please contact us.

Currently offline, some contents may be unavailable