New 'Request Access' feature


The CRC806-Database now has a new feature for requesting access to a restricted dataset.

Dataset authors have the option to restrict their datasets to just CRC806-Database internal, or even to just the own project or single users of the database.

Until now it was not possible for external users, who have no account with CRC806-Database to reqeust access to a restricted dataset, in a formalized automated way.

With this new feature you will now see a button "Request Access" next to restricted resources, which leads you to a simple form, where you provide your contact information and a short reason for the access request. The data set owner will get an Email, that someone has requested access to his dataset, including the reason and contact details of the reqester. Then, the dataset owner can decide if she wants to grant or deny access to the dataset, by clicking on an according button. If the owner denies the request, he will be asked to provide a reason for denial. The requester then recieves an email stating the decision of the dataset owner and if access was granted a token (link including a request key) to access the dataset, which is valid for 30 days.

Thanks to Yasa Yener who did the main implementation work for this new feature.

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