Publications of the SFB / CRC now centrally managed in the database


Publications of the project and memeber pages on the new websites are served from now on from the CRC 806 Database.

Soon we will have a new website for the SFB / CRC as you may already know, and we already have a new website for the IRTG.

These new websites will serve the publications of the projects (project overview pages) and its members (member profile pages) from the CRC 806 Database.

To get that to work as expected, the publications have to be entered into the CRC 806 Database.

Therefore, we ask all SFB / CRC projects and members to take care of entering their publication records related to the SFB / CRC into the database.

To be able to enter publications, you need a login for the CRC 806 database. You can register for a login, by following the link from the login form. After successful login, under data you can choose "Submit Literature" by clicking on your name. A hopefully self explanatory form for entering all the details will be loaded. Please provide feedback, if something isn't working as expected.

The publications can be assigned to projects (it is possible to assign more than one project to a publication), to be listed on the according project pages.

On short notice, we will provide a tour on how to enter publications into the CRC 806 Database, on Monday April 7th at the IRTG-Colloquium before the scheduled talks of Maria and Marc.

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