The CRC806-Database is now a static progressive web app


The previously Typo3 + CKAN + GeoNode based Data management Platform was transformed into a static Progressive Web App (PWA) to enable low maintenance long term availability through the web servers of the University of Cologne IT Center.

The CRC806-Database was a complex system that was continuously developed during 12 years of three 4 year CRC 806 funding periods. The system consisted of the open source content management system (CMS) Typo3, a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) system based on the open source GeoNode system, and a (meta) data catalog based on the open source CKAN system. See the Technology section for more detail on the architecture of the CRC806-Database and its technological evolution.

The uploaded, archived and published research data of the CRC 806 project was stored as flat files on an Andrew File System (AFS) based network storage server, just ordered and managed by their primary project affiliation into an according folder structure. This folder structure including all file based data resources, is now accessible through the University of Cologne IT Centers web server infrastructure.

All published datasets and publications remain accessible through their exact same URLs, thus ensuring the functioning redirect to all DOI resources, and all external links that may have been set through out the internet to resources published on the CRC806-Database.

This is (probably) the last “News” post ever on this website! It was a great experience to design, develop, maintain and manage this system through the last 12 years. Any comments, questions, notifications etc. can be send to c.willmes (at) Thanks and have fun!

Best regards
Christian Willmes

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