Two new features: integrated search and edit history


We are happy to announce two new, hopefully useful, features of the CRC806-Database webportal today.

The new integrated search feature, that allows to search all data of the CRC806-Database with one query combined in all three repositories (Data, Publications, Maps). The results are shown in an combined list view indicating what kind of resources each result has. We included a search field in the top navigation bar to trigger the searches. You can also access the integrated search via: Results will be shown on a new designed integrated search view. Try it out and tell us what you think about it.

The second exciting new feature is the edit history of resources in the CRC806-Database. From now on all changes to a resource, including its metadata descriptions and annotations will be tracked. It is possible to revert edits using the “Rollback” feature, that is available for every incremental edit. We hope this feature is particularly useful in the case of accidental mistakes and wrong edits.

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