Workshop on GIS applications in palaeolithic archaeology


The Z2 project of the SFB / CRC 806 invites to a half day workshop on "GIS applications in palaeolithic archaeology".

we would like to invite you to a half day workshop about

"GIS applications in palaeolithic archaeology"

on August 25th (25.8.2014) at the Institute of Geography.

Four talks from members of the SFB / CRC 806 on selected GIS applications within the project will be presented. Additionally we invited Dr. M. Märker (University of Tübingen), who is working on the ROAD Out of Africa Database for the ROCEEH project, to give us a presentation of GIS activities within the ROCEEH project.

At the end of the talks, there will be an open discussion between all attendees of the workshop about ideas for further GIS applications within the two projects and about possible cooperations on GIS applications between the SFB / CRC 806 and ROCEEH.


14.00: G. Bareth: Welcome.

14.15: D. Becker & M. de Andrés-Herero: Cost Distance & Least Cost Path analysis for paleolithic sites.

14.45: H. Parow-Souchon: Digitally revisiting the Wadi Sabra, Jordan - A DEM approach.

15:10: D. Hoffmeister: Documentation and analysis of geoarchaeologic sites using terrestrial 3D laserscanning.

15.40: Refreshment break

16.00: M. Märker: Site characterisation based on GIS, Remote Sensing and stochastic modelling. Application examples from the ROCEEH project.

16.30: C. Willmes: GIS applications based on the integrated database of the CRC 806.

17:00: All: Roundup of the talks and discussion in open Q&A between all participants of the workshop to identify possible cooperations for GIS applications in paleolithic archaeology.

If you want to attend the workshop, please write me an Email ( The venue has limited seating space, the seats will be given on first-come, first-served basis.

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