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poster Willmes, C., Bubenzer, O., Bareth, G. (2013): Z2: Data Management and Data Services (Poster Begutachtung 2013)

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poster Willmes, C., Hoffmeister, D., Hütt, C., Kürner, D., Volland, K., Bolten, A., Bareth, G. (2011): CRC806-Database: Implementation of a data management for an interdisciplinary research project

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poster Krauß, L., Zens, J., Zeeden, C., Schulte, P., Eckmeier, E., Lehmkuhl, F. (2016): A Multi-Proxy Analysis of two Loess-Paleosol Sequences in the Northern Harz Foreland


poster Krauß, L., Zens, J., Zeeden, C., Schulte, P., Eckmeier, E., Lehmkuhl, F. (2016): Umweltbedingungen während des letzten Glaziales im nördlichen Harzvorland


poster Alcaraz-Castano, M., Weniger, G., Alcolea, J., Kehl, M., Baena, J., Yravedra, J., López-Sáez, J., Balbín, R., Cuartero, F. (2015): New Insights for the Understanding of the Middle Palaeolithic Settlement of Central Iberia: Los Casares Cave Revisited


poster Alcaraz-Castano, M., Weniger, G. (2015): Testing population hiatuses in the Late Pleistocene of Central Iberia: a geoarchaeological approach


poster Zeeden, C., Duwe, A., Bösken, J., Pipaud, I., Chu, W., Hauck, T., Lehmkuhl, F. (2016): Relating past occupation patterns to (paleo)environmental properties – hypothesis testing


poster Strebler, D., Burow, C., King, G., Brill, D., Brückner, H. (2016): Using DRAC for dose rate estimation of burnt flint and ceramic


poster Zeeden, C., Markovic, S., Obreht, I., Hambach, U., Lehmkuhl, F. (2016): Challenges of loess formation models for the Carpathian basin


poster Bösken, J., Klasen, N., Zeeden, C., Obreht, I., Markovic, S., Veres, D., Hambach, U., Lehmkuhl, F. (2016): Erosion or age overestimation? – the Urluia loess-palaeosol sequence

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poster Bösken, J., Zeeden, C., Sümegi, P., Klasen, N., Lehmkuhl, F. (2016): Paleoenvironmental analysis of two loess profiles at the Ságvár Lyukas Hill in western Hungary

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poster Kindermann, K., van Peer, P., Henselowsky, F., Bubenzer, O. (2016): Living at the lakeshore. Early Nubian Complex site associated with a lacustrine environment

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