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poster Gennai, J., Richter, J. (2019): WHEN SIZE MATTERS: different roles for blades and bladelets in the Early Ahmarian site of Al-Ansab1 (Jordan)

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poster Klasen, N., Zeeden, C., Fischer, P., Schulte, P., Bösken, J., Hambach, U., Vött, A., Markovic, S., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): Luminescence dating of the lacustrine record of Vršac (Carpathian Basin, Serbia) – implications for a palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

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poster Leder, D., Bösken, J. (2018): Late Pleistocene landscapes and human mobility east of the Jordan Rift Valley: Results of geoarchaeological research in Wadi Sabra

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poster Bösken, J., Chu, W., Fischer, P., Klasen, N., Zeeden, C., Obreht, I., Hambach, U., Mihailovic, D., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): Integrating geomorphology, geophysics, sedimentology and geochronology – a multi-proxy geoarcheological investigation at the Early Upper Paleolithic site of Crvenka-At, Vršac (Serbia)

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poster Bösken, J., Chu, W., Fischer, P., Klasen, N., Obrocki, L., Vött, A., Mihailović, D., Lehmkuhl, F. (2017): The timing and paleoenvironment of the Early Upper Paleolithic site of Crvenka-At, Vrsac (Sb)

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article Bösken, J., Obreht, I., Zeeden, C., Klasen, N., Hambach, U., Sümegi, P., Lehmkuhl, F. (2017, in press): High-resolution paleoclimatic proxy data from the MIS3/2 transition recorded in northeastern Hungarian loess

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poster Zickel, M., Kehl, M., Richter, J. (2018): Mikromorphologische Untersuchung des spätpaläolithischen Fundplatzes Blazi Cave (Albanien)

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inproceedings Hauck, T., Ruka, R., Gjipali, I., Richter, J., Nolde, N. (2017): The “German Albanian Palaeolithic” Programme (GAP): A status report

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article Hauck, T., Lehmkuhl, F., Zeeden, C., Bösken, J., Thiemann, A., Richter, J. (2017): The Aurignacian way of life: Contextualizing early modern human adaptation in the Carpathian Basin

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article Bertrams, M., Protze, J., Löhrer, R. D., Richter, J., Hilgers, A., Klasen, N., Schmidt, C., Lehmkuhl, F. (2012): Multiple environmental change at the time of the Modern Human passage through the Middle East – First results from geoarchaeological investigations on Upper Pleistocene sediments in the Wadi Sabra (Jordan)

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