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conference Henselowsky, F., Kindermann, K., Bubenzer, O. (2017): Scales in Geoarchaeology beyond “a site”: The advance of a (Archaeo-)geomorphological perspective

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conference Kindermann, K. (2016): "Inside-Outside - Integrating Cave and Open-Air Archives" international science meeting at the University of Cologne

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conference Meyer, S., Bödeker, O., Vogelsang, R., Kehl, M., Brandt, S., Fisher, E., Bubenzer, O. (2016): Late Pleistocene Rockshelter Stratigraphies and Palaeoenvironments in Northeastern Africa - Case Study Mochena Borago (Ethiopia)

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conference Henselowsky, F., Kindermann, K., Kehl, M., Bubenzer, O. (2016): What influences the sediment composition of a rockshelter in a hyperarid environment? Insights from sedimentological and micromorphological analyses at the archaeological site Sodmein Cave, Egypt

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conference Bolten, A., Waldhoff, G. (2010): Error estimation of Aster GDEM for regional applications - comparison to Aster DEM and ALS elevation models