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inproceedings Kehl, M., Bradtmöller, M., Linstädter, J., Reicherter, K., Vött, A., Weniger, G. (2009): Culture-environment interaction and human mobility in the Late Quaternary: The Western Mediterranean – Bridge or barrier?


inproceedings Höbig, N., Weber, M., Kehl, M., Weniger, G., Julià, R., Melles, M., Fülöp, R., Reicherter, K. (2013): A 60-ka multi-proxy record from Lake Banyoles (northeastern Spain): extended data.


inproceedings Hoffmeister, D., Zellmann, S., Kindermann, K., Pastoors, A., Lang, U., Bubenzer, O., Weniger, G., Bareth, G. (2014): Geoarchaeological site documentation and analysis of 3D data derived by terrestrial laser scanning

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inproceedings Kehl, M., Fischer, P., Gerlach, R. (2012): Solifluction deposits, reworked loess, colluvia and archaeological features at the Early Neolithic site of Düren-Arnoldsweiler, Lower Rhine area, Germany – a micromorphological approach

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inproceedings Kehl, M., Burow, C., Cantalejo, P., Durán, J., Henselowsky, F., Klasen, N., Medianero, F., Ramos, J., Reicherter, K., Schmidt, C., Weniger, G. (2013): The Palaeolithic site Sima de Las Palomas de Teba, Southerrn Spain – Site formation processes and chronostratigraphy

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