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article Bartz, M., Rixhon, G., Kehl, M., el Ouahabi, M., Klasen, N., Brill, D., Seeliger, M., Szemkus, N., Eiwanger, J., Weniger, G., Mikdad, A., Brückner, H. (2017): Unravelling fluvial deposition and pedogenesis in ephemeral stream deposits in the vicinity of the prehistoric rock shelter of Ifri n’Ammar (NE Morocco) during the last 100 ka

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article Linstädter, J. (2017): Holocene prehistory in the Télidjène basin, Eastern Algeria: Capsian occupations at Kef Zoura D and Aïn Misteheyia, Azania

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article Becker, D., de Andrés-Herrero, M., Willmes, C., Weniger, G., Bareth, G. (2017): Investigating the Influence of Different DEMs on GIS-Based Cost Distance Modeling for Site Catchment Analysis of Prehistoric Sites in Andalusia

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book Pastoors, A., Lenssen-Erz, T., Ontañón, R., Weniger, G. (2017): With the back to the art. Context of Pleistocene cave art. Quaternary International 430 (Part A)


book Linstädter, J., Blatt, M. (2013): Sea, Slopes and Shelters: Archaeological Surveys along the Mediterranean Coast, west of the Melilla Peninsula (Morocco)

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misc Linstaedter, J. (2013): (Book Review) Zur Neolithisierung des Mittleren Niltals und angrenzender Regionen. Kultureller Wandel vom Mesolithikum zum Neolithikum im Nord- und Zentralsudan. By Annett Dittrich. B.A.R. International Series 2281. Archaeopress, Oxford, 2011, ix+454 pp. ISBN 9781407308586. £50.00 (Paperback).

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article Linstädter, J. (2013): Raues Land – Feine Funde. Archäologie im Norden Marokkos

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article Hanebuth, T., Kudrass, H., Linstädter, J., Islam, B., Zander, A. (2013): Rapid coastal subsidence in the central Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta (Bangladesh) Since the seventeenth century deduced from submerged salt-producing kiln

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book Linstädter, J. (2017): Climate induced mobility and the missing Middle Neolithic of Morocco

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article Van't Hoff, J., Schröder, T., Held, P., Opitz, S., Wagner, B., Reicherter, K., Melles, M. (2016): Modern sedimentation processes in Laguna de Medina, southern Spain, derived from lake surface sediment and catchment soil samples

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book Linstädter, J. (2014): Le Capsien de Hergla (Tunisie): culture, environnement et économie

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article Rixhon, G., Bartz, M., el Ouahabi, M., Szemkus, N., Brückner, H. (2017): Contrasted terrace systems of the lower Moulouya River as indicator of crustal deformation in NE Morocco

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