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article Widlok, T. (2017): No Easy Talk about the Weather: Eliciting “Cultural Models of Nature” among Hai//om

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article Widlok, T., Stenning, K. (2018): Seeking common cause between Cognitive Science and Ethnography: a role for a nonmonotonic logic in cooperative action

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article Weig, D. (2018): Ritual, Body, and Senses in the 5Rhythms Movement Practice


article Zilhao, J., Anesin, D., Badal, T., Cabanes, D., Kehl, M., Klasen, N., Lucena, A., Lerma, I., Martínez, S., Matias, H., D, S., P, S., Wild, E., Angelucci, D., Villaverde, V., Zapata, J. (2017): Precise dating of the Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition in Murcia (Spain) supports late Neandertal persistence in Iberia.

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article Kehl, M., Álvarez-Alonso, D., de Andrés-Herrero, M., Díez-Herrero, A., Klasen, N., Rethemeyer, J., Weniger, G. (2018): The rock shelter Abrigo del Molino (Segovia, Spain) and the timing of the late Middle Paleolithic in Central Iberia.

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article Real, C., Eixea, A., Sanchis, A., Morales, J., Klasen, N., Zilhao, J., Villaverde, V. (2018): Abrigo de la Quebrada Level IV (Valencia, Spain): Interpreting a Middle Palaeolithic Palimpsest from a Zooarchaeological and Lithic Perspective


article Zens, J., Schulte, P., Klasen, N., Krauß, L., Pirson, S., Burow, C., Brill, D., Eckmeier, E., Kels, H., Zeeden, C., Spagna, P., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): OSL chronologies of paleoenvironmental dynamics recorded by loess-paleosol sequences from Europe: Case studies from the Rhine-Meuse area and the Neckar Basin.

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article Viehberg, F., Just, J., Dean, J., Wagner, B., Franz, S., Klasen, N., Kleinen, T., Ludwig, P., Asrat, A., Lamb, H., Leng, M., Rethemeyer, J., Milodowski, M., Claussen, M., Schäbitz, F. (2018): Environmental change during MIS4 and MIS 3 opened corridors in the Horn of Africa for Homo sapiens expansion. Quaternary Science Reviews

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book Potì, A., Weniger, G. (in prep.): The Last Glacial Maximum in Morocco


book Bolin, V., de Andrés-Herrero, M., Weniger, G. (in prep): Testing the Distribution of Animal Species in Solutrean Rock Art Sites in Iberia and ist Relationship to Palaeoenvironmental Modelling


book Ramos Muñoz, J., Weniger, G., Cantalejo, P., Bolín, V., Kehl, M., Tafelmaier, Y., Pastoors, A., Domínguez-Bella, S., Cabello, L., Otto, T., Fernández-Sánchez, D., Moreno-Márquez, A., Rotgänger, M., Vijande-Vila, E., Becerra, S., Nielsen, T., Barrena-Tocino, A., Almisas-Cruz, S., Cantillo-Duarte, J., Riquelme, J., Beltrán, A., Uzquiano, P., Ramos-Garcia, P., Bailón, S., Rofes, J., Sánchez-Marco, A., del Mar Espejo, M. (in prep.): Excavations in Solutrean Levels of Ardales Cave (Málaga)


book Alcaraz-Castaño, M., Alcolea-González, J., Balbín-Behrmann, R., Kehl, M., Weniger, G. (in prep.): Recurrent human occupations in Central Iberia around the Las Glacial Maximum. The Solutrean sequence of Peña Capón updated