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article Rostami, M., Zeitlin, V. (2019): Geostrophic adjustment on the equatorial beta-plane revisited

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inproceedings Kretschmer, I. (2019): Demographic studies of hunters and gatherers in the European Late Upper Palaeolithic

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presentation Henn, S. (2019): Simulating Demographically Viable Populations

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poster Henn, S. (2019): From Demography to Spatial-Networks

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article Schmidt, I., Zimmermann, A. (2019): Population dynamics and socio-spatial organization of the Aurignacian: Scalable quantitative demographic data for western and central Europe

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article Rostami, M., Zeitlin, V. (2019): Eastward-moving convection-enhanced modons in shallow water in the equatorial tangent plane

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article Bollig, M. (2016): Assessing the resilience of a real-world social-ecological system. Lessons from a multidisciplinary evaluation of a South African pastoral system

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article Bollig, M. (2018): Adaptive cycles in the Savannah. Pastoral specialization and diversification in northern Kenya

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presentation Guene, E. (2016): The Politics of Belonging: Indigeneity as a Politically Marketable Idea


presentation Guene, E. (2016): Hunting and Gathering in the 21st Century: Livelihood and Identity Renegotiation in Kenya


presentation Guene, E. (2016): ‘Frozen in Time’: Timelessness as a strategy and a paradigmatic trap among Kenya’s hunting and gathering communities


presentation Guene, E. (2015): Communities on the Periphery: Kenya’s Hunters and Gatherers