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inbook Widlok, T. (2009): Where settlements and the landscape merge: towards an integrated approach to the spatial dimension of social relations

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inbook Widlok, T. (2019): Any future in climate change? Eliciting Frames of Reference in sub-Saharan Africa

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inbook Widlok, T. (2018): Human-lion situations

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inbook Braukmann, F., Epple, S. (2018): Overcoming layers of marginalization. Adaptive strategies of the Bayso and the Haro people of Lake Abbaya, southern Ethiopia

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inbook Hussain, S., Richter, J., Schyle, D., Kindermann, K., Wolter, T., Hauck, T. (2015): The Veiled Mousterian: Traces of Middle Palaeolithic Presence in the Wadi Sabra

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inbook Weig, D. (2018): Resonating with different worlds: how Baka musical practices generate sociality, identities and connection to ritual spirits

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inbook Litt, T., Ohlwein, C. (2017): Pollen as Palaeoclimate Indicators in the Levant

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inbook Leder, D. (2012): Die Fundkonzentration von Rietberg 5

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inbook Kretschmer, I., Maier, A., Schmidt, I. (2016): Probleme und mögliche Lösungen bei der Schätzung von Bevölkerungsdichten im Paläolithikum

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inbook Riemer, H., Lange, M., Kindermann, K. (2013): When the Desert Dried Up: Late Prehistoric Cultures and Contacts in Egypt and Northern Sudan

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inbook Álvarez-Alonso, D., de Andrés-Herrero, M., García-Sánchez, E., Menéndez Fernández, M., Quesada López, J., Rojo Hernández, J. (2014): Los hioides decorados del Magdaleniense de la cueva de la Güelga (Narciandi, Cangas de Onís, Asturias): en torno a la territorialidad de las comunidades del Paleolítico superior cantábrico


inbook Kröpelin, S. (2012): La fin du Sahara vert