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article Schmidt, C., Anghelinu, M., Hambach, U., Veres, D., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): Reassessing the timeframe of Upper Palaeolithic deposits in the Ceahlău Basin (Eastern Carpathians, Romania): Geochronological and archaeological implications

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article Svirčev, Z., Dulić, T., Obreht, I., Codd, G., Lehmkuhl, F., Marković, S., Hambach, U., Meriluoto, M., Jussi, J. (2019): Cyanobacteria and loess—an underestimated interaction

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article Obreht, I., Zeeden, C., Hambach, U., Veres, D., Marković, S., Lehmkuhl, F. (2019): A critical reevaluation of palaeoclimate proxy records from loess in the Carpathian Basin

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article Perić, Z., Lagerbäck Adolphi, E., Stevens, T., Újvári, G., Zeeden, C., Buylaert, J., Marković, S., Hambach, U., Fischer, P., Schmidt, C., Schulte, P., Huayu, L., Shuangwen, Y., Lehmkuhl, F., Obreht, I., Veres, D., Thiel, C., Frechen, M., Jain, M., Vött, A., Zöller, L., Gavrilov, M. (2019): Quartz OSL dating of late Quaternary Chinese and Serbian loess: A cross Eurasian comparison of dust mass accumulation rates

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article Marković, S., Stevens, T., Mason, J., Vandenberghe, J., Yang, S., Veres, D., Timar-Gabor, A., Zeeden, C., Guo, Z., Hao, Q., Obreht, I., Hambach, U., Wu, H., Gavrilov, M., Rolf, C., Tomić, N., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): Loess correlations – between myth and reality

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article Marković, S., Sümegi, P., Stevens, T., Schaetzl, R., Obreht, I., Chu, W., Buggle, B., Zech, M., Rech, R., Zeeden, C., Gavrilov, M., Perić, Z., Svirčev, Z., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): The Crvenka loess-paleosol sequence: A record of continuous grassland domination in the southern Carpathian Basin during the Late Pleistocene

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article Zeeden, C., Hambach, U., Veres, D., Fitzsimmons, K., Obreht, I., Bösken, J., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): Millennial scale climate oscillations recorded in the Lower Danube loess over the last glacial period

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article Hauck, T., Lehmkuhl, F., Zeeden, C., Bösken, J., Thiemann, A., Richter, J. (2018): The Aurignacian way of life: Contextualizing early modern human adaptation in the Carpathian Basin

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article Bösken, J., Schmidt, C. (2019): Direct and Indirect Luminescence Dating of Tephra: A Review

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article Chu, W., Klasen, N. (2019): The Chronostratigraphy of the Aurignacian in the Northern Carpathian Basin Based on New Chronometric/Archeological Data from Seňa I (Eastern Slovakia)


article Miebach, A., Stolzenberger, S., Wacker, L., Hense, A., Litt, T. (2019): A new Dead Sea pollen record reveals the last glacial paleoenvironment of the southern Levant

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poster Gennai, J., Richter, J. (2019): WHEN SIZE MATTERS: different roles for blades and bladelets in the Early Ahmarian site of Al-Ansab1 (Jordan)

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