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poster Veres, D., Timar-Gabor, A., Obreht, I., Hambach, U., Zeeden, C., Bösken, J., Anechitei-Deacu, V., Marković, S., Lehmkuhl, F. (2017): Lower Danube loess and millennial-scale paleoclimate changes: new approach, new outcome and new perspectives

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poster Klasen, N., Zeeden, C., Schulte, P., Bösken, J., Fischer, P., Hambach, U., Markovic, S., Lehmkuhl, F. (2017): Luminescence dating of the lacustrine record of Vršac (Carpathian Basin, Serbia) – implications for a palaeoenvironmetal reconstruction

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mastersthesis Rüßmann, M. (2012): Geochemische Analyse an Sedimentbohrkernen des Birkat Ram Sees (Israel, Golan)


bachelorsthesis Rüßmann, M. (2010): Sedimentologische Analyse der Bohrkerne des See Genezareths, Israel


bachelorsthesis Geiger, K. (2011): Sedimentologische Analyse von Bohrkernen des Birkat Ram-Sees, Golan Höhen, Israel


article Chu, W., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): The Crvenka loess-paleosol sequence: A record of continuous grassland domination in the southern Carpathian Basin during the Late Pleistocene.


article Kindermann, K., Kehl, M., Hauck, T., Klasen, N. (2018): Inside - Outside: Integrating Cave and Open-Air Archives

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inbook Hussain, S., Richter, J., Schyle, D., Kindermann, K., Wolter, T., Hauck, T. (2015): The Veiled Mousterian: Traces of Middle Palaeolithic Presence in the Wadi Sabra

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bachelorsthesis Mengel, K. (2016): Jährlich rezente Pollendepositionsraten vom See Genezareth in Bezug auf regionale Wetterdaten


phdthesis Stolzenberger, S. (2017): On the Probabilistic Evaluation of Decadal and Paleoclimate Model Predictions

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presentation Lehmkuhl, F., Bösken, J., Obreht, I., Hambach, U., Hauck, T., Veres, D., Zeeden, C. (2018): Loess research and migration of early modern humans in southeastern and centraleastern Europe

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bachelorsthesis Wacker, L. (2017): Vegetationsmodellierung in der Levante anhand rezenter Klimadaten