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article Potì, A., Gibaja Bao, J., Linstädter, J., Mikdad, A., Nami, M., Weniger, G. (2019): Iberomaurusian Lithic Assemblages at Ifri El Baroud (Northeast Morocco)


inproceedings Kretschmer, I. (2019): Demographic studies of hunters and gatherers in the European Late Upper Palaeolithic

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article Delpiano, D., Peresani, M., Pastoors, A. (2017): The contribution of 3D visual technology to the study of Palaeolithic knapped stones based on refitting


conference Kehl, M., Álvarez-Alonso, D., de Andrés-Herrero, M., Díez-Herrero, A., Klasen, N., Rojo, J., Weniger, G. (2017): Dating the last Neanderthals in Central Iberia - New evidence from Abrigo del Molino, Segovia, Spain.


article Álvarez-Alonso, D., de Andrés-Herrero, M., Díez-Herrero, A., Rojo, J. (2018): Análisis geoarqueológico de las ocupaciones musterienses en el valle alto del río Eresma: el Abrigo del Molino (Segovia, España).


article Hoffmann, D., Standish, C., García-Diez, M., Pettitt, P., Milton, J., Zilhão, J., Alcolea-González, J., Cantalejo-Duarte, P., Collado, H., de Balbin-Behrmann, R., Ramos Muñoz, J., Weniger, G., Pike, A., Lorblanchet, M. (2019): Response to Aubert et al.'s reply ‘Early dates for ‘Neanderthal cave art’ may be wrong’


article Chu, W., Klasen, N. (2019): The Chronostratigraphy of the Aurignacian in the Northern Carpathian Basin Based on New Chronometric/Archeological Data from Seňa I (Eastern Slovakia)


phdthesis Henselowsky, F. (2019): Early Late Pleistocene environments in Northeast Africa and their relevance for Anatomically Modern Human dispersal


article Hensel, E., Bödeker, O., Bubenzer, O., Vogelsang, R. (2019): Combining geomorphological–hydrological analyses and the location of settlement and raw material sites – a case study on understanding prehistoric human settlement activity in the southwestern Ethiopian Highlands

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presentation Henn, S. (2019): Simulating Demographically Viable Populations

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poster Henn, S. (2019): From Demography to Spatial-Networks

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article Miebach, A., Stolzenberger, S., Wacker, L., Hense, A., Litt, T. (2019): A new Dead Sea pollen record reveals the last glacial paleoenvironment of the southern Levant

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