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phdthesis Herrero, M. (2019): Site Catchment Analysis in the Upper Palaeolithic in the Iberian Peninsula


phdthesis Hoff, J. (2017): Holocene climate variability based on two lacustrine sediment sequences from Cádiz, southern Spain.


phdthesis Schröder, T. (2017): Paleoclimate archive (based on pollen) of the Laguna de Medina, southern Spain.


phdthesis Henselowsky, F. (2019): Early Late Pleistocene environments in Northeast Africa and their relevance for Anatomically Modern Human dispersal


phdthesis Potì, A. (2017): Technical change and environmental change in the Iberomaurusian. A case study from Ifri el Baroud


phdthesis Bartz, M. (2016): Quaternary fluvial environments in NE Morocco inferred from geochronological and sedimentological investigations

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phdthesis Stolzenberger, S. (2017): On the Probabilistic Evaluation of Decadal and Paleoclimate Model Predictions

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phdthesis Bösken, J. (2017-2018): Luminescence dating of eolian and fluvial archives in the Middle and Lower Danube catchment and the paleoenvironmental implications


phdthesis Chen, C. (2017): Dead Sea Pollen Reveal the Paleoenvironment of the Southern Levant during 147–89 ka from the Paleobotanical Perspective

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phdthesis Gebru Kassa, T. (2015): Holocene Environmental History of Lake Chamo, South Ethiopia


phdthesis Foerster, V. (2014): Late Quaternary climate variability in the source region of Homo sapiens: Dry-wet cycles in Chew Bahir, southern Ethiopia

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phdthesis Miebach, A. (2017): Climate- and Human-Induced Vegetation Changes in Northwestern Turkey and the Southern Levant since the Last Glacial

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