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inproceedings Zimmermann, A., Scharl, S., Schmidt, I. (2020): Demographic Transitions – Cycles and Mobility in the Neolithic of Western Germany

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dataset Schmidt, I., Zimmermann, A. (2020): CRC806-E1 Database on Final Palaeolithic sites of Europe V-2020_08_20

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poster Gennai, J., Richter, J. (2019): WHEN SIZE MATTERS: different roles for blades and bladelets in the Early Ahmarian site of Al-Ansab1 (Jordan)

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mastersthesis Holthausen, M. (2019): Distribution modeling of paleofauna in the Western Mediterranean between the Heinrich events H5 and H4

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article Meyer-Heintze, S., Sprafke, T., Schulte, P., Terhorst, B., Lomax, J., Fuchs, M., Lehmkuhl, F., Neugebauer-Maresch, C., Einwögerer, T., Händel, M., Simon, U., Solís Castillo, B. (2018): The MIS 3/2 transition in a new loess profile at Krems-Wachtberg East - A multi-methodological approach

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article Fischer, P., Hambach, U., Klasen, N., Schulte, P., Zeeden, C., Steininger, F., Lehmkuhl, F., Gerlach, R., Radtke, U. (2019): Landscape instability at the end of MIS 3 in western Central Europe: evidence from a multi proxy study on a Loess-Palaeosol-Sequence from the eastern Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany

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article Thienemann, M., Masi, A., Kusch, S., Sadori, L., John, S., Francke, A., Wagner, B., Rethemeyer, J. (2017): Organic geochemical and palynological evidence for Holocene natural and anthropogenic environmental change at Lake Dojran (Macedonia/Greece)


mastersthesis Mathäi, N. (2017): Untersuchung stabiler Isotope (δ18O, δ13C) an Seesedimenten der südlichen Levante


poster Klasen, N., Zeeden, C., Fischer, P., Schulte, P., Bösken, J., Hambach, U., Vött, A., Markovic, S., Lehmkuhl, F. (2018): Luminescence dating of the lacustrine record of Vršac (Carpathian Basin, Serbia) – implications for a palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

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poster Leder, D., Bösken, J. (2018): Late Pleistocene landscapes and human mobility east of the Jordan Rift Valley: Results of geoarchaeological research in Wadi Sabra

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bachelorsthesis Nieder, C., Steinhoff, C. (2015): Analyse des organischen und anorganischen Kohlenstoffgehalts mit Hilfe des Glühverlustes (LOI) an holozänen Sedimenten des Sees Genezareth


mastersthesis Gotta, M. (2016): Sedimentologische Untersuchungen an Sedimentbohrkernen des Sees Birkat Ram (Golan)